Snipe Fen Farm.

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Brief descriptions of some of the loco's and stock that can be seen on the layout. The small size of the layout means that you really don't need that much stock to run it. But you can get a lot of detail into the stuff you do have.

Stock on the layout.

This was my first 7/8ths scale locomotive. I call it the Deutz-esque as its very loosely based on a Deutz prototype.
It started life as an LGB (G scale- whatever that is?) feldbahn locomotive. Even though I built it some years ago it still goes through periodic modifications!

The beautiful Simplex seen to the right is our second locomotive. It was built and painted by Simon Harris of Model Earth who specialises in 7/8ths and 1/12th kits etc. It is the pride of the line and is driven using the actual controls in the cab for forward and reverse!

To the left  is a rather worn looking single plank wagon built from a Model Earth resin kit and distressed using various techniques then painted and weathered.


Another resin wagon body from Model Earth, this time a 3 plank, again distressed and really worn looking.....

This one is running on a Jeff Saxton skip wagon chassis.
A flat wagon (again a Model Earth casting) with white metal tools from Back2Bay6 all painted up and weathered. This one is also running on a Jeff Saxton skip chassis.

A tank wagon, again resin parts from Model Earth on a Jeff Saxton skip chassis..... this one hides a secret in that it contains a sound card from Acme Engineering.

Some of the latest additions are two IP engineering whitemetal skips, these were easy to build using lowmelt solder and a Maplins teperature controlled soldering iron.


Just occasionally you can cheat and use equipment designed for other scales. Here is a Swift Sixteen Well wagon designed for 16mm but it fits nicely in with the really small estate stock we use on the Farm.

Another build recently has been this "bash" of the IP engineering Manrider kit. I added a few bits to this. I replaced the floor included in the kit with two foot boards and added metal hand rails at either ends.