Snipe Fen Farm.

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What is 7/8ths or SE then?

Well it is a scale developed from the realisation that if you take 45mm gauge track (Gauge 1 or G scale) and divide it in two you get 2 foot gauge narrow gauge track to the scale of 7/8ths of an inch/ 22.5mm to the foot. This is 1.13.7. This produces very large models with a real feel to them. It is mainly modelled as an outdoor, garden railway scale but I wanted to see what could be done in what I call proper model railway modelling style as a change from my garden layout. I had not modeled for a good while before I found 7/8ths and then I realised I could have all those little narrow gauge loco's etc that I had tried to build in 009 years ago but now they had real heft and presence!

There has been some amazing modelling done in 7/8ths scale over the years but it is still a fairly small selection of modellers world wide who build in the scale. There is a bit of trade support but quite a lot is scratch built. One benefit of the scale is if you want to you can really build the wagons etc exactly like the real thing using metal and wood and held together by scale nuts and bolts and rivets.You can in some cases use 1/12th dolls house products if they do not look too out of place. Because of the size of the models many people build models of small prototypes but in the USA there are those who build Maine two foot and those are very, very substantial things indeed. Hopefully as the scale grows more suppliers will join the market (especially now since Accucraft have commenced production of a ready to run live steam Quarry Hunslet in 7/8ths).

This scale is pushing the limit of the sort of models you can build before resorting to more model engineering. The size is brought home when you see other popular scale stuff next to 7/8ths ones.......

Here we see a 4mm scale 009 V skip on a set of scale 24inch Sierra Valley Engineering 7/8ths wheels...........

Here is a live steam locomotive in 7/8ths of a very tiny prototype, with a 009 Eggerbahn locomotive on the running plate.

And finally the same live steam locomotive alongside a 16mm scale Welshpool and Llanfair brake van.